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Witness: Koupe2
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: Since 2008

I’ve always had supernatural encounters but events have increased. Things picked up when I moved from a very non-haunted apartment after living there for four years.

In my new place, I now have an unseen roommate. The encounters started right away in my bedroom with what seemed like a person peering around the corner of my doorway.

I had become accoustomed to seeing “her” around. Suddenly, the type of activity started to change.

I began hearing walking and shuffling around my kitchen. I assumed that would be the most I’d have to deal with. I was wrong.

As it turnes out, she likes to “show” herself to my friends, as well. Recently, a girlfriend of mine was at the computer and heard a a woman’s voice call her name very clearly. Another friend was spending the night on my couch asked me the next morning, “Did you come in and check on me last night?” I said that I had not, and he then told me of the figure at the foot of the couch that stared at him for a while before walking away. But this happened to him all during the night.

“She” doesn’t seem bothered by my living here or with my friends staying over. I’m just glad that I’m living with a ghost that likes me!

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