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Witness: Anna
Location: Mississippi
Date of Encounter: July 1997

When I was 10, my family took me with them to America. There is one thing that stays in my mind till this day.

We were having a tour of a plantation in Mississippi. The garden had lavish flower beds, roses, and other plants. After the tour me and mum were sitting on the bench and it was then that I noticed a man that I am sure wasn't really there. He was about 50 years old, had dark skin, was wearing a sun hat, and was tending the garden. I went over to admire the flowers and he kept on working. I was standing nearby and asked him if he wouldn't mind it if I picked a flower to give to mum. He looked at me, smiled, but didn't say anything. I took that as a yes, picked the flower, and walked over to give it to mum. She told me off, pointing to the sign in the corner saying not to pick the flowers.

"But that man there let me have it!" I explained to her, pointing to where he had been. He was gone. She gave me a funny look and told me off for lying. "But he was right there!" I insisted. She asked me what he looked like and told me that there wasn't anyone there when we sat down and she didn't see any one go there, let alone a gardener. I know that he was there and am pretty sure that he was a ghost. Maybe of a slave that really was the gardener. The plantation goes back to the 1800s. 

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