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Witness: Pat Queen
Location: Southeastern Ohio
Date of Encounter: Summer 1996

In the summer of 1996, my teenage daughter, my boyfriend at the time, and I were just returning to my home from an evening out. I was first in line and I unlocked the door to the house. Chip was right behind me and Julie was walking behind him. We were all laughing and having a good time. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Since it was late, maybe 11 PM or so, the entryway we entered was very dark and quiet (except for us). 

Suddenly, a very strong, warm, and very living hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed my left wrist, pulling me to the left. I wasn't exactly prepared for anyone to be hiding in the dark, so I screamed in fear — I mean really loudly, not just a little squeak. Since Julie was the last in line as we went in the house, she flipped on the light switch. The hand immediately released me but nobody was there! 

I had the heebie-jeebies and had difficulty explaining what had just happened. Chip had to take a few minutes to question me as to what I was all freaked out about. After I told him that somebody had just grabbed my wrist, and let me go, he did a thorough search of the entire length of my ranch-style house but discovered nothing amiss. Chip stayed for a while before he left but I was still frightened and confused. I did go to bed, but had a hard time going to sleep. I never found out who (or what) had grabbed me, and, happily, it never happened again. 

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