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Witness: Evan
Location: Pinewood / Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, New York
Date of Encounter: April 26, 2003

I have heard all the stories about Pinewoods. I have been there a couple of times in the past. I have had many weird encounters there, but not like this one. Myself and six other people decided to pay a visit on Saturday night, we parked down the road headed toward the Troy Country Club. We were all very scared, but still wanted to go in.

It was me, my younger brother, Adam, his friend Troy, my fiancée, Candi, and our friends Melissa, Nicole and Jay. As we entered the cemetery, we heard many weird sounds. They kind of sounded like voices. I had the flashlight so we ventured towards the mausoleum and stopped in front — we heard some movement in front of us. I started searching the trees around us with the flashlight — a tree next to my friend Jay started to crack as if something was climbing it, but nothing was there. We stood there too scared to go on for about three minutes. Finally, my friend Jay said, "Ok, who here has balls?" and he started walking towards the path that leads to those headless statues. My crazy brother followed him and his friend Troy followed too, then we heard a sound from the mausoleum. The three came back to where the rest of us were standing. It sounded like something was walking towards us, but I couldn't see anything. Jay came up to me and said, "Whatever is coming towards us is right there in those trees." We all had a feeling that something was right there. Then Nicole points at my face and says to Candi to look at it. Candi saw it and said, "Oh my god." I got scared because I thought they were pointing to something behind me. I said "What the f—!" The rest all look at my face and started freaking out. They all shouted that my face was bleeding. As soon as they said that, I felt my face kind of burn. I started running towards the road and they all followed screaming. I got to the car and felt as if I had to throw up. They all shined the flashlight on my face and start freaking out — we jumped into the car and peeled out. I looked at my face in the mirror and saw two gashes on my left cheek. Blood was dripping down to my neck.

A few hours and a few beers later — we went back, but this time with two more people — Dennis and Phil. They saw the scratches on my face and were skeptical, but they knew that the way we walked in there were no trees or branches that could have done that. Even inside, trees aren't low enough unless you go towards the back. We walked closer this time — I didn't want to hold the flashlight because I thought that was why I got attacked — I put my hood up too. We walked closer to the mausoleum this time, and we all started to hear strange noises again. Dennis, the one with the flashlight, saw eyes up ahead and so did my brother once Dennis pointed them out. We weren't in there for even five minutes when Troy looked at my face and said, "Evan, let's go back to the road now." He said this very calmly. Everyone looked at my face again and started freaking out so I took off. I wanted to punch Troy because I thought he was messing with me, but as soon as we got to the road the flashlight was put on my face again and there were five scratches on my right cheek this time. Two of the scratches were in the shape of a X. I was at the breaking point of crying when we started back towards the car. On the way back to drop my friends off, Troy said that he was watching my face the whole time. He said all he saw was the blood start forming on my face — he didn't see anything make the scratches, and again I felt nothing. We dropped my friends off in Lansingburgh and me, Candi, Adam, and Troy drove back to Clifton Park. The whole way home the lights inside the car were going on and off over and over again. I said out loud, "I'm sorry we went there and bothered you, can you please leave us alone?" The lights then stayed on and I couldn't get them off. Finally, they turned off when we go to Halfmoon.

The scratches on my face today look very clean and straight, but they are still very noticeable. Everyone asks me what happened and I just tell them I got into a fight — no one would believe my story if I told them, but I have eight other witnesses, two of which I just met that night when we went back the second time.

Forest Park Cemetery is freaky and messed up. This was the third time that I had been scratched up by something unseen. the first time was at a friend's house years ago when I felt a hand go down my back, when I pulled my shirt up there were four claw marks going down my back. The second was a few years ago when I went to Pinewoods during the day — they were all over my body, but I didn't feel them. The last time was the worst because it was on my face and they actually bled — and someone actually saw them just appear on my face. Why does this happen to me?

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