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Witness: Sarah
Location: Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Date of Encounter: April 26, 2003

I live in a tiny, old Chinese village house. As I write this now, I just heard what sounded like a dresser drawer opening upstairs, except no one is up there. The dogs also just opened their eyes. I find the top drawer open a lot. But usually what happens is my living room lights flicker and dim often, friends have seen it too. But my bulbs have never burned out and I have lived here for two years and the flickering started when I moved in. But, what I hate, and scares me the most is when my TV or either of my two stereos turns up to full blast (and I have LOUD speakers!) suddenly. I go to turn it down, and it goes right back up again. Also, my DVD player plays whatever it wants, whenever it wants even if it's a brand new disc. The Pioneer repairman came and every single disc he put in worked — he opened the machine up and said it was fine. Ugh!

When I lived in Los Angeles back in 1992, I had the same stereo problem (with a different stereo) and also the TV channels would change while I would watch programs. The dishwasher sometimes started on its own, and the weirdest thing was when the sofa and it's big pillows that you sit on were completely rearranged and stood vertically! That time I had some ghost people come and they used a Ouija board to contact it. It's a long story, but basically they said it was an old Chinese master from Hong Kong, and more specifically from the area of Sai Kung where I live now. Its name is Dong Wei. It is a good spirit and they said it will protect me. Now I moved here coincidentally. I had no intentions of moving to Hong Kong when I lived in Los Angeles back in 1992. I wonder if this Dong Wei is the one still turning up the sounds!

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