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Witness: Wayne Hackler
Location: Scott Depot, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: December 19, 2002

I had something happen one night that still has me a little shaken. We believe that the house I grew up in and lived in had been haunted due to the number of unexplained events that occur here. I have pretty much gotten used to the shadows and voices, but what happened this night was outrageous.

It was about 2AM and I had just lain in bed, turning out the light after a little light reading. Anyways, it wasn't 5 minutes before I experienced the sensation of my leg being grabbed forcefully. I gotta say it really hurt. It only lasted for a few seconds. The instant the pain abated I jumped out of bed and hit the lights, but there was nothing around, but my leg where the sensation occurred was a little red. I got back into bed, and just attributed the experience to my imagination during that twilight time between being awake and asleep.

That morning I looked at my leg again and it was bruised. I still find this really creepy and have never had an experience like this before. I talked with my mom and she related a couple of times in the past when it has happened to her at this house.

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