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Witness: Scathe Vernal
Location: Fort Scott, Kansas
Date of Encounter: March 2004

To you people who read this, it my not be that scary but it was to me because I was actually there. 

I was living in Ft. Scott, Kansas and my best friend, Lauren's, best friend had just been killed. I was trying to keep her mind off of it so she didn't just start to break down so I was talking to her on the phone. Maddie, the friend who died, had died in February and this was a few months later. We just got off the phone and I went down stairs. I was home alone. 

Our stairs were steep and right across from the bottom of the stairs was a mirror. Well I ran down stairs so I could get something to eat and I looked into the mirror and to my surprise there was a face staring back at me. It was Maddie. I recognized her immediately which was really weird because I had only met her once. I told Lauren about it and it kind of creeped her out because I said what she was wearing. She was wearing a salmon-colored turtle-neck. Lauren told me that was what she was wearing at her funeral. I didn't go to her funeral and Lauren never said anything about it.

So you see I believe in ghosts now I don't think I'll ever forget about that moment even though you'll probably forget it within a few minutes. You see, the reason why it devastated me was because Maddie meant a lot to Lauren and Lauren means a lot to me. But think about it… do you have a best friend? If you do then you know how bad it feels to see or even just think about them crying. I know deep down that she still hurts to this day and think there always will be pain over this. And it hurts me to think about her hurting!

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