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For the ghost hunters and those interested in the paranormal, a new film debuted in theaters on January 7, 2005 titled White Noise. Rated PG-13 for violence, the running time for this ghost thriller is one hour and 41 minutes. Cast includes Michael Keaton, Deborah Kate Unger, Chandra West, among others.

For those interested in the supernatural and occult interests of American inventor, Thomas Edison, this film is concerned with the theme of EVP. EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomenon where the dead can communicate with the living through electronic recording devices.

It is the story of Jonathan Rivers and his wife Anna, Anna’s death, and Jonathan’s obsession and interest in EVP as a way to contact her on the other side. Contact is made, but there is much more that happens to Jonathan than he ever dreamed possible.

As a film, it has some flaws. But as an acting performance from Michael Keaton, it was outstanding and should revive his film career.

For those interested in EVP, and Thomas Edison, there are websites to investigate for further information. For EVP information, these websites are of important interest: AA-EVP and the International Ghost Hunters Society Electronic Voice Phenomena.

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