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Witness: Janet Roy
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: April 8, 2005

We have been to Gettysburg two times. Last year we think we brought home a soldier after making jokes about if any of these poor soldiers would like a ride to our house, just get in the car. Strange things took place over a period of a year — too many to list.

So this year we said we thought it time to take the soldier (Union or Confederate), back to Gettysburg.

This time my 12 year old daughter and I visited the Wheatfields after dark and on a misty night. The atmosphere was not the best due to an airplane overhead. The rain got harder, and car lights were a distraction. There was a period of silence and as my daughter and I stopped breathing for a moment, the distinct sound of a cannon sounded rather distant, but softly. It was apparent that it was in the immediate area and we thought maybe cars were doing things. Yet, there were no cars and the park was getting close to closing time so if anyone was in the park it was time to get out. At the blink of an eye my daughter caught the glimpse of a greenish campfire flicker in the woods. 

As the rain became heavier, we left for our motel room. 

We went for a sandwich and hot coffee and much discussion. At the motel room I decided it was all our silly runaway, imagination. I just stated that, "You know, there is probably nothing here at all in Gettysburg and it is just hyped up." That was when the turned off heater/air conditioner came on by itself. My daughter and I said nothing more and left it at that.

I slowly shared my experience with a tour guide and he asked me where we were staying and, thinking nothing about that situation, stated that we were staying on York Street by the railroad tracks. He said that was where Camp Letterman was.

I have no knowledge of Camp Letterman and he informed me that it was where the troops that were severely injured or possibly already dead were transported to either have amputations done or to die in some cases.

I knew Gettysburg has a reputation, but to that point I was not sure. Now I am.

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