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A Door Opens by Frank Grace
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Witness: G. Clay
Location: Long Beach, California
Date of Encounter: January 29, 2016

I’ve seen or experienced ghost or spirits most of my life. My family is from a small town in Sothern Louisiana, where just about everyone I knew either saw ghosts or had a family member who experienced such. When I started telling my parents about the things I felt, saw, and dreamed I was encouraged. One of my parents would always say: “Oh your Uncle C sees ghost. And don’t forget about your Aunt E she lives in a haunted house and talks to sprits all of the time.” So when my most recent experiences happen I was not surprised.

My aunt died on January 18, 2016. She was 96 years old. While I was sadden at her passing, I was happy that she didn’t suffer, and had lived on her own up until two weeks before her death. She was the last relative of my parents’ generation, both having crossed over many years ago themselves.

I’d been feeling rather blue to say the least. But I returned to my daily routine within a matter of days. On Friday, January 29th, I was driving home after a long week. I was on a very wide and busy street. I stopped at a stop light at a major intersection. While I sat in traffic, I experienced the most delicious aroma of a cheeseburger. I could smell the patty on the griddle, the yellow orange cheese, the hot salty yellow peppers, the yummy pickles and the bun on the griddle, as well as the crispy French fries. The aroma was so great I said out loud, “Boy, if the burger wouldn’t be cold by the time I got home, I would stop and buy one!” And that is when it hit me, there was not a single burger joint anywhere in this area! So I smiled and chalked it up to a visit from my aunt.

But, my visit wasn’t over!

I got home, and started to relax into the evening. I went into my bedroom and my cat followed as he usually does. When I sat down on the side of my bed, I observed him to jump up in the air as if he was playing with a string of some sort! This went on for about two minutes! I just sat there amazed wondering what kitty found so delightful! Then it hit me, my aunt liked cats, but my mother LOVED cats! So again, I smiled and chalked it up to my aunt, had also brought my mother which was her sister (both of which loved cheeseburgers and pastrami). And my mother decided to play with my cat. That night I slept well and happy, and I think kitty slept well too.

It is nice to know the spirits are always with us. Even when they take form in the mundane.

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  1. Hi! I’m the author. Forgive me for taking so long to respond, but I just read your comment today! It has been almost a year sine the death of my aunt, thus far I haven’t had another visit from her, but I do occasionally feel my mother’s presence. Thank you for the comment.

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