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Witness: Michael Wright
Location: Milton, Florida
Date of Encounter: November 27, 2006

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Ghost picture - Milton, Florida

Ghost picture - Milton, Florida

We been living in the small town of Milton, Florida for close to 16 years now. The piece of property we're on was a part of a large plantation of cattle and cotton in 1845-1850. The property held over 650 acres of land. Over the years it's been shortened over to smaller acreages due to back taxes and in 1905 it was homesteaded for 164 acres.

A gentleman called William Anderson who he was an ex slave owned the property and it stayed in his family until 1970 when his son sold the property and the new owners divided up the acres to be sold off into smaller lots.

It so happens that our 1 and 1/4 acres is a corner lot. The road ends in the front of our house. In 1905, the old homestead of William Anderson was only a few hundred yards from the location of our home.

After we have moved in. Strange things started to happen at the place. We have since found out that our property was once a slave cemetery and the headstones were removed, but not the graves.

This is why it is so active here — we are living on top of the graves. Not very pleasant. Just think about it for a minute — how would you like it if someone was on top of your grave.

I have been taking pictures ever since we found out. I have presenting my photos and findings on for quite some time. I have taken pictures all over our property, but not until November 27,2006 did I notice that when I sit against my 6-foot fence around our property I get a real cold chill. I walk away about five to six feet out in front of me and turn around and snap pictures. What I have captured on my camera is amazing. It's always in the same spots. It looks like there are spirits gathering at the fence on the other side — like they are afraid to walk through.

Maybe they are afraid they might get stuck in the metal fence like they were in the slave times. You know, the slave shackles. I have talked with them about this situation, but they still stay over on their side except the spirits that already are over here. No matter where I am at the fence, they are always standing on the other side.

I have put two pictures on for you to see what I am talking about. What I have caught here is unbelievable. These pictures are as good as they are because I am a spirit photographer.

Sometimes I am amazes me what I have caught with my camera. You can see faces, full bodies, heads — it just amazes me what goes on here all of the time, Anyone that would like to visit, are welcome anytime.

When I took these two photos, the weather was very cool, around 40, clear, and crisp. I was by myself. 

The camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P100 5.1 mega pixel. It's a nice little camera. I did have a Kodak DC-280-Zoom Digital Camera, but after 3 years the spirits took it over.

Now the Sony is good and I keep talking to the spirits asking them to leave it alone.

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