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Witness: Helena R.
Location: Ocala, Florida
Date of Encounter: 2004 to early 2007

We had moved into our new home and it seemed that we had thought everything was great but we didn't know that we were in for a shock until it started happening. The thing is that my grandma moved in with me and my parents around August of 2004 and she has lived with us ever since, but we've moved since then and what had happened still creeps me out even two years later. The first thing that had caught our attention was when it was around the first or second week of October and I was excited that it was getting close to Halloween. I wanted to be something scary so I got a werewolf mask and one night I wanted to scare my grandma so when she was going to bed, I was in her room making growling noises and she asked me to get out. I did, and the next day she came into the living room and told us that she had heard more growling noises and she thought that it was me, but it wasn't. My mom told her that I was in the living room all night with her, so I couldn't of been in her room. She said that it sounded deeper than a dog's or wolf's growl, it really scared her, but that's not all she had heard or seen. She had woken up one morning and saw her closet door open and close slowly. She didn't do anything except get ready to got to work and it didn't happen just once, it happened so many other times that I can't even count. She also felt like she said something like a cold hand brush the side of her face that just was so weird.

My mom had seen a ghost cat — it was gray and white, and she thought it was our kitten Miko, but our cat was in the room with me. My mom saw who she thought was "Miko" on her bed curled up asleep, and she was going to pet him, but she decided not to since she was about to brush her teeth. When she was through, she came out and said that Miko looked so cute. I went and got Miko and told her that he was in grandma's room the whole time, and I went and felt the spot where she said he was laying and it was warm.

My dad had heard a woman call his name two times in a row but slowly, like she was trying to purposely scare him. He asked us if my mom or me did it, and we said no, because we were dozing off when we were watching TV. I had seen a ghost the shape of a man that looked like he was six feet tall and he was sitting on our sofa looking at me when I was trying to go to sleep, and he was just staring at me, tapping his fingers. I got up to go see it closer because he looked like a shadow person. I was going to touch the spot, but when I only got two steps toward him, I felt like I couldn't move even though I tried to. The funny thing is that my dad said two months after we moved in he said he saw a shadow of a man enter my bedroom, so he followed him. When he turned the corner from the hallway to my room and he looked all around, no one or nothing was there.

It's been two years since these events and I've had a feeling like stuff is just not at rest there. And ever since I lived there, I've been able to hear things other people can't even in our new home. I've heard people call out my name. Even if I can hear things that other people can't, I think it will be a new experience for me. Now I am 13 years old and I haven't had anymore experiences in any other home, except my great grandmother's home but that's a different story.

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