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Witness: Sarah
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Date of Encounter: June 2009

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to go on a trip to El Paso with my mother, Susan, and my older sister, Elizabeth, and her children, Natalie and Evan to visit my brother, Brian and sister, Michelle. The trip took approximately 10 hours, but that's beside the point. The first half of the trip (1 week) we spent at my brother Brian's house. I stayed in his oldest daughter's room. Every night when I would go into the room to lie down, I would get this heavy feeling of a presence in the room watching us in bed (I am a very paranormal-sensitive person). I would look up every night, and near the entrance door to the room I would see a figure, about 6-feet tall, completely black, in the shape of a human figure just watching us. I blew it off every night as my eyes making an illusion with the lack of light, and I didn't take it seriously until I began to notice a great deal of orbs in my brother's house, especially in the downstairs living area.

I have heard time and time again that residual orbs usually indicate a "dark" presence. For the second half of the trip we spent at my sister's house. It has recently been remodeled, so I was curious to see if there was any increase in paranormal activity (as it is said that spirits become more active during times of construction do to confusion of how the house changes.) The first four nights were fine. The only thing I noticed was that the room I was staying in made a lot of strange noises at night, not like the house shifting, or TV noises, or talking noises, but rather someone walking around poking at the toys in the room. The fifth night I was there, I was fortunate enough to spend the day with a neighbor who was the closest to my age that I knew in that area. When I came home I made sure to be extremely quiet as my sister has five children and God forbid even one of them awakes. I put my puppy to sleep next to my twin fold out bed, and as I walked the dusty, wooden floors, I passed by a life-sized doll house and felt the sensation of a solid human hand grab onto my inner thigh right at my knee, and I actually felt it brush against my other leg as they met. I stopped, and turned around going through all the scenarios in my mind, then I realized… right as I walked by the doll house, I felt the hand.

The next day I came home late once again with a night out with the neighbor. I got my puppy out of her cage and put her on her leash, and walked downstairs to the front door to let her do her business in the front yard. Right as I reached for the doorknob, I heard what sounded like a girl somewhere in her early teens, or possibly a small boy around 8 years-old, mumbling, moaning, and weeping. At first I thought, "Great I somehow managed to wake a kid up, now the whole house will wake up" (if you take care of kids or are a parent, you understand what that means). So I stopped and listened for preparation of the screams to come… nothing. So I thank God for letting them sleep and proceed to make my way out the door. Once again, I heard the weeping and moaning. I turned once again, and again, nothing. So I brush it off again and go outside. Upon returning and closing the intimidatingly large iron door behind me, I heard the child talking but could not understand a single word, and it only lasted for a brief moment. At this time I began to feel scared. I went up the stairs immediately and heard someone following behind me. I "yell-whisper" to my dog to run to her bed and I followed as quietly as possible, practically slamming the door behind me as I try not to look behind. I laid down and attempted to fall asleep when I get a call on my cell phone from my mother saying she was too scared to walk through the hall to my room. My sister staying directly below my room downstairs, had called my mother and told her that we were being too loud for her to fall asleep and that she can hear a "full conversation going on upstairs." My mother was shocked, knowing well that no TVs or radios were on in the house, and you'd just be asking for it from my sister to be that loud in her house at night.

The next day on the trip back home, my mother informed me that not only would she not come out of her guest room because of the call, but also of a personal experience of her own. That same night my mother was waiting up for me in the front den of the abnormally large two-story house. With nothing but a table-side lamp light and a book, she boiled in fury of my late arrival home when suddenly she heard loud and clear across from her about 15-feet away in the voice of what seems to be a young girl, "Monsters." And that was the only thing we could understand her saying. From what I have gathered, I think maybe she had been hiding in the upstairs hidden room that I had gone into for long periods of time snooping around, and my presence aroused her interest. I also noticed she began to be active when I started going in and out of the house late at night, I think this is because she is afraid of something or someone that walks around the perimeter of the house at night, and unless you open the door it stays out. Every time I reached for the door, she began panicking and weeping as if she were scared of something. And of course, the whole monster thing… blew my mind away.

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