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Witness: Abhi
Location: Kerala, India
Date of Encounter: January 1, 2006

My semester exams were over. I was in a festival mood after undergoing a month of intellectual torment and strain. So I called up my friend (lets call him Mr. M). We decided to party and booze for the rest of the day and night. We got a crate of beer and a couple of bottles of local whisky and settled down at my friend's house. We made merry and drank to our heart's content. The clock struck 12 and we thought it was now the right time to go out for dinner. We pumped up the old Yamaha motor bike and we were off.

The main road was 6-8 miles away. We had to travel through a vast lonely stretch of road between the local woods. Covered with thick vegetation to both our sides, stood trees which looked as though they stretched all the way to the heavens. We had almost covered half the way when our bike slowed down and finally came to a standstill. I understood that the fuel level was nearly empty. Now there was an eerie silence which surrounded us. Not impressed by this sort of an atmosphere, I rushed my friend who was putting in his best efforts to get the bike started up and running again until we were at least within a walkable distance of the main road. To my dismay, his efforts proved in vain. Thus, pushing the bike, we started walking. I cursed myself for having intoxicated myself to such an extent that my commonsense and logic disappeared forcing me to make idiotic decisions such as this.

We were almost at the gates of the local church when my friend explained his uncontrollable urge to pee. While he was engaged in the process, I took the liberty of peeping into the cemetery behind the church. I could clearly see marked graves with humongous tombstones, some of them relatively fresh, glittering in the moonlight. Just as I gazed down to one of the clearly visible tombstones, I read out an inscription on the tombstone which read "For I shall return." This statement mildly sent a chill down my spine. Diverting my attention from this, I called out to my friend. But to my horror, I found him unconscious on the floor. Gathering my cool, I sprinkled some water on his face from the water bottle carried on the bike. On gaining consciousness, my friend told me of the semi-deformed face which looked at him right in the eye, while he was peeing.

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