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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Boise, Idaho
Date of Encounter: February 7, 2008

I was at the First Baptist Church in Boise for a field trip. We had just had lunch, and everyone on Student Council decided to go explore the church. We got permission and we all went our separate ways. My friend and I found a stairwell and decided, "Woah, this is creepy. Let's check it out!" I think there were about six flights of stairs. The first two flights of stairs were pretty well lit, not bright, but not pitch-black. About the third flight, it started to get darker (the only light that was on was the one on the first flight), and at the fourth flight, it was completely dark. We decided to rough it, and just keep going. We made it to the last landing before the attic (for lack of a better term) and we heard footsteps. We knew it was someone because they were calling our names. We told him to go back down and that we'd be back in a couple of minutes. Then I had my friend stand on the flight below, one: because he was breathing heavy and a bit terrified; and two: because if we did experience something, we wanted to be positive it was paranormal. So he stood guard on the flight below the landing to make sure no one was messing with us. I then turned on the camcorder on my phone to record anything that was about to happen. I had definitely felt a presence there. I talked for a bit, then showed where my friend was standing, then I turned it back to me. I said, "I'm really quite scared, but I really want something to happen." Immediately after I said that I heard a muted knock on the attic floor above me. Then I was a bit startled and turned the camera to the flight of stairs that lead to the attic because I was about to go up and investigate. Then "it" came. It was a shadowy figure, and it walked across the opening and the top of the stairs that lead to the attic. It seemed as if it had appeared from nowhere, and it appeared as if it were going to the other room, but then it stopped. It looked as if it had turned to me, then it took a step down the stairs, slowly heading toward me. I was still taping, but I was in such shock that I simply said, "Oh my, oh my, oh…" then I ran down the stairs. I was petrified and said, "Dude, lets go, we're not alone!" We booked it down the stairs. I still have the video on my phone, and am trying to get it uploaded to YouTube.

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