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Witness: Sam
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date of Encounter: ongoing

I live in an old apartment building which I'm convinced is haunted. So much as happened. When I first moved in I had an image in my mind of an old woman with long blond hair, which didn't make any sense. I told my landlord and he freaked out because the previous tenant was an old woman with a long, blond wig. She lived there 22 years, went into a coma, and died. Big deal, I thought. (I'm a skeptic.) Anyway, I experienced plenty of times when I felt like someone was there. The hair on my neck would go up and the temperature in the apartment seemed to drop. It made me angry and I would yell, clap, and wave my arms away, but after a while it felt like it was really powerful so I tried to make peace by talking to the spirit, if that's what it was. Anyway, after that things settled down, I began to wake up in the 12-2 AM hour for no reason and see things floating above the bed. Weird things, that made no sense. They were always white, somewhat translucent, and in a different shape every time. Every single time they would float up to the ceiling and suddenly vanished. Quite honestly I became amused at these things. I considered they might be hallucinations, but that didn't explain what woke me and why they changed shapes. They never resembled an animal or anything living. Honestly they were just weird. 

This really happened. As I said, I grew comfortable seeing these things. One night I awoke and opened my eyes. Floating near the ceiling above me was the full form of a woman. It sounds tacky I know, and to tell you honestly I couldn't make out any distinguishing features, but it truly seemed a feminine form. I remembered I just sort of lay there gazing up at her, waiting for her to disappear, but she didn't. She floated down toward me. I jerked away, made some kind of bizarre sound, i.e. "ugh!" and she vanished. I haven't seen anything since. 

I am still woken up most nights by a drop in temperature (easily explained) and by my trembling bed. My bed trembles for a minute more or less every night. I imagine that I feel a presence, but am still a skeptic. Anyway, felt like I had to share. Maybe I'll try taking pictures or something. Thanks. 

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