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Witness: Sammy
Location: Reynella, South Australia
Date of Encounter: November 1994

My mother and I believe in ghosts and the supernatural and we quite often discussed it. 

One day when we were talking, my mother said, "When I die I will let you know for sure if there is an afterlife." I agreed at first then I told her that I changed my mind because it would totally freak me out. 

In November, 1994 she passed away unexpectedly after a massive stroke. After her funeral I decided to pack away her belongings. She lived in a granny flat which was connected to our house. During that time I didn't sense anything strange, only that the flat was always very cold, and being November in Australia it is summer. 

One night around 2 AM, I think, about a week after her death my husband woke up in a cold sweat. He opened his eyes and saw an image of my mother. She was smiling at him, dressed in white, and her image looked misty. Well, he totally freaked and then she disappeared. The next morning he told me. I was so shocked because my husband has to the world's biggest skeptic about ghosts and believes that when you die that is it. And for him to say something like that threw both of us. Since then he has mixed feelings about it. 

Over the years I have thought what might have been going through my mother's mind and I think she stuck to her word, but instead of visiting me, she had visited my husband. And maybe when she was smiling at him she might have been saying that she is happy and there is an afterlife after all. Also I think she purposely visited my husband because she knew of all people to visit he would have been the perfect one to let me know because of his disbelief. 

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