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Home Encounters Screams From Within

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Dagupan, Philippines
Date of Encounter: December 26, 2000

My family moved from Canada to the Philippines on the 26th of December. Despite the house’s age, we had decided to move in due to its inexpensive price.

It had been only a year when we moved in when we noticed many unexplainable things which included mysterious screaming noises when in the bathroom, despite no one else hearing any screaming outside the bathroom. Doors would mysteriously shut by themselves and suddenly barge open. The most frightening event occurred when my sister had been forcibly locked inside her room. By the time we unlocked it, she was literally shivering in the corner of the room which had been ransacked in just a matter of seconds (a key was thankfully near her room’s door).

As of today, we are still living in the Philippines but we moved out in 2007 as we could not take the house anymore.

So if you happen to see a VERY CHEAP (around Php 175,000-200,000) house for sale on the market near the Dagupan area, please, for the sake of your family, do not buy it!

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