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Witness: Jimmy
Location: Old Wethersfield, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: September 2004

My mother and I had moved into an old house across from the First Church Cemetery in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut, the state's oldest town — settled in 1634. The house was sectioned off into five apartments. we moved into the top apartment near the rear. We stayed in the apartment for a total of six days before moving back to our old house. The minute I stepped foot in the door, I felt uneasy. The landlord was very weird himself when showing us the apartment asking me questions like, "You feel good here, don't you?"

The house was built in 1692, I believe. The basement was very strange and creepy, all of the original stone foundation existed as well as a weird room with just dirt on the ground. On the second day of living there I came home at about 5:20 A.M. As I walked by my mother's door she stopped me and said, "Please don't be freaked out, but I have to tell you something…" She told me that she was awake using her laptop at 5:05 A.M. and happened to look over onto the floor at the alarm clock. The alarm clock began flashing rapidly and she told me a voice came out of the clock saying, " Honey, wake up honey." Keep in mind there was no batteries, and the clock was not plugged in. The next day I was sitting up in my room on my computer at about 3 A.M. with the stereo on low. I swore I kept seeing something in the corner of my eye near my open closet. As I continued to type, I heard a noise.. a voice mumbling. I turned down my stereo and heard the low, painful man's moaning again. It lasted about 10 seconds and then stopped. The moaning was coming directly from my open closet. I immediately left with a friend. The next night I returned home at about 11:30 to see my mother at the top of the stairs with the apartment door open and on the phone crying. She had told me she heard the same moaning coming from my closet. She also reported that it got very cold and the dog was barking at the closet. It lasted about 10 minutes on and off she said. I calmed her down a bit and I sat down in he kitchen. It got freezing cold, the computer was going nuts flashing, and we both heard a different moaning coming from the kitchen window this time. We left for the night not wanting to ever go back. The next day we ended up moving back to the apartment because my sister convinced my mother nothing was wrong and we were crazy. Once again I wasn't at the apartment for the whole next day since I was furious my mom wanted to go back. At about 10 P.M. the next night my friend got a voicemail on his cell phone from my mom saying she left the apartment for good to go to my sister's house. When I talked to her the next day she told me her and my niece were in the apartment alone. My niece then said to my mom, "Gramma, who's that man talking?"
The moaning was coming from the closet again. My mom, being a protective gramma, decided to yell at the closet, screaming, "Leave us alone!" The moaning became more angry and she felt a pain in her neck. They immediately left the apartment. She showed me a red mark on her neck which then became three scratches, she also had three scratches on her chest. We left the house for good after six days of very strange and frightening occurrences. I believe there are people renting the apartment out today.

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