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Witness: Janquela
Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Date of Encounter: 1993-1997

In 1997 we moved to a new house, I was 10 my brother was about 6. We moved into a 3 bedroom house. My little brother had the room in the front of the house and my mother/father and I had rooms in the back of the house. My brother would always complain of noises coming from his closet. My mother then decided to let my little brother switch rooms with me, being that I was not scared. I've always had encounters of some sort. So we switched rooms.

The first night I did not hear anything. The second night came and I started hearing knocking on the closet door. After a week of hearing the knocking I decided to leave my closet door open while I slept that night. Some time in the middle of the night, I was awakened from a sense of someone looking straight at me very closely. I was facing the wall when I woke up and as I turned over to observe my surroundings, there was a face right in mine. A face so pale, so little, as I jerked my head back — I could see it was a little girl. She was glowing, with long curly hair and a white dress that was torn with splashes of blood all down it. As fast as she was there, she was gone. After a couple of weeks of waking up to her, I finally just stopped paying any attention to the girl.

One night, she kept on trying to get my attention but I was to tired and went to sleep. I then woke to pictures falling off my walls and glass breaking. So I then called my great grandmother who is full-blood Cherokee, for advice. She told me I should ask the girl what is was that she wanted, but to be careful because the answer could mean something bad. For example, a girl once asked her spirit what it wanted and the spirit told her "your grandfather," that night the girl's grandfather died. So with my great grandmother's advice, I prepared to ask the little girl what she wanted. That night when she came to me she was playing on the floor, I got out of bed to go up to her to ask my question. I then began to hear a loud noise so loud I was sure our house was falling in. The little girl then stood up and started motioning me to back away, she looked very scared. As I stepped back she faded into the darkness. I sought help form my great grandmother again. She told me to do some research on my house and on the land before my house was there. So I did and found out there was a railroad a long time before my house was built — the railroad was right were my house was. A little girl was hit by a train in the very spot my room was. I never found out what she wanted and never saw her again, I hope she got what she wanted. Soon after that, the sightings stopped and we moved from that house. All I'm left with is the memory of little "Sarah" (as I called her). My friends and I still talk about her, some of them also had the blessing of seeing her. Before I left Kansas and moved to Georgia. I went one last time back to our old house one night, to say goodbye. Standing in the window of my old bedroom, I saw that same little pale face curly headed girl waving at me. I still feel sometimes that she's still with me. Crazy, huh? I'm all the way in Georgia. I'm so happy I had that wonderful experience.

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