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Ghost Chicks Promotions Present the San Antonio Paranormal Extravaganza to be Held at the St. Anthony Wyndham Hotel on August 3 – 5, 2007
SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Featured guests will be Professor Loyd Auerbach, renowned parapsychologist, who not only will be a panelist on parapsychology, but will be making his Haunted By Chocolate presentation based upon his upcoming book by the same name. There will be a chocolate tasting, too! Professor Paranormal will also offer his “psychic mind theatre.” Lorrie Jones and Tara Deters, aka “The Ghost Chicks,” are hosting this event.

The Ghost Chicks are Certified Paranormal Investigators trained and mentored by Professor Auerbach. They are starring in an upcoming television show, Rituals, and will be present along with other cast members for questions and answers about this show. Lorrie and Tara are also publicists for Ghost! Magazine.

Psychic Reese Christian, also star of the upcoming television show, Rituals, will present a gallery reading at this event much like that of John Edward. She will also be available for psychic readings as well. She is highly sought after and works closely on investigations with the Ghost Chicks throughout the United States and on investigations with GhostHounds’s and Court TV’s Haunting Evidence‘s Patrick Burns. Jack Roth, Managing Editor of Ghost! Magazine, will be in attendance to make a battlefield presentation and will show evidence collected from over 20 years of research. He is trained and mentored by Dr. Andrew Nichols, renowned parapsychologist with the AIP in Gainesville, Florida. He also stars with the Ghost Chicks and Reese Christian in Rituals.

Patti Starr and Psychic Chip Coffey of International Ghost Hunters are internationally acclaimed lecturers. Patti is a ghost hunter with a style of her own like no other. Chip is a truly amazing in his psychic skills and can be seen in the upcoming series Paranormal State. Gharith Pendragon will impress you as he talks about using his psychic abilities to work with high-ranking officials to solve cold cases. He has been able to find missing children, in some instances, alive from a distance! Ken Gerhard, cryptozoologist: the study of hidden animals will be making his presentation on his new book, Big Bird! Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters.

Richard Smith, from Texas, who demonstrate his techniques and show you how to really capture EVP. Mitchel Whitington will be presenting his book A Ghost in My Suitcase. Whitington is the owner of The Grove in Jefferson, Texas and lives with his wife, dogs, and quite a few spirits. Jason Lewis and Bob Hunnicut collectively known as Paranormal Evolution will be making their presentation based upon evidence collected over the last 17 years. Jason is a very well known psychic and will also be available for psychic readings. Todd Sheets of Nightwatch Radio will be the event’s Emcee. His show is heard on over 240 stations worldwide in over 14 countries! Also, he is an Associate SAG member who just loves to make low budget horror movies that are mostly shown overseas. Alamo City Ghost Tours is the “official” ghost tours for this event. No one knows the haunted history of San Antonio like JR and Karen!

San Antonio Paranormal Extravaganza sponsors are Nightwatch Radio, and Ghost! Magazine. For more information on this event go to and click events. Please remember to get the special rate on your room you must use the code “Ghost Chicks.”

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