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Sacred Mushroom of VisionsSacred Mushroom of Visions: Teonanacatl
Edited by Ralph Metzner
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Park Street Press (July 2005)
Pages: 293 – Price: $16.95 review

This book has been looked for by various readers with anticipation. Now that it is published, readers are seeking it out as reference text. The book is filled with historical lore and aspects that many readers of the paranormal will find intriguing. Dr. Metzner was part of the history-making team of Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (later to become known as Ram Dass) in the Psilocybin Research Project.

A remarkable study of visionary plants and entheogens, this nonfiction work is an outstanding collection of reliable data from the psychedelic world. The word, Teonanacatl, was the name given to visionary mushrooms used in the ancient Meso-American shamanic ceremonies.

There are many readings of interest in this collection. Some of the many titles include “The Wondrous Mushroom Legacy of R. Gordon Wasson,” Timothy Leary’s “The Initiation of the Hight Priest," "The Land of Eternal Waiting — Report of a Mushroom Experience with Maria Sabina,” “A Mazatec Indian Curandero’s Healing Practice Using Psychoactive Mushrooms,” “I Remember What It Was Like Before I had This Face,” among others. Each author’s contribution is dealing with a different topic and each is well-written. There are over thirty contributors to the book.

Experiential dimensions of psilocybin mushrooms are covered in-depth, as are other topics. The writing is straight-forward and easy to understand.

For something unusual, give this book a reading. You will be surprised at what you will learn in these fascinating 293 pages. Highly recommended, and enjoyable reading.

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