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Roads to Eternity by Sarah Wilson EstepRoads to Eternity
By Sarah Wilson Estep
Publisher: Galde Press (February 2005)
Pages: 261 plus audio CD – Price: $16.95 review

Sarah Wilson Estep’s remarkable book comes complete with a CD containing numerous voice contacts with the dead. To enter the author’s world is an adventure into the unseen world. She is a pioneer in the field of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). She has successfully captured over 25,000 voices.

This book is about electronic voice phenomena. Divided into different sections with individual chapters, each is a look at the unknown.

Part One gives a solid introduction followed by Part Two which shares chapters. These chapters cover apparitions, possession, mediumistic psychosis, among other topics. 

The discussion of recordings and instrumental transcommunication (ITC) will prove fascinating reading. Use of instruments is covered. Defined techniques for recording messages is given. A discussion of personal contacts with non-spirit worlds is also provided. Details on use of the tape recorder, telephone and answering machine, camera, and the use of the television are covered. The CD gives additional interesting samples of what can be expected during encounters.

All in all, this is a fine book that’s great to have back in print. Carefully crafted and entertaining, it will add some enjoyable thoughts to your late night book readings! An educational look at a most intriguing topic!

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