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Ritual Art of India by Ajit MookerjeeRitual Art of India
By Ajit Mookerjee
Publisher: Inner Traditions (September 1998)
Pages: 176 – Price: $29.95 review

I was delighted to receive a review copy of this Ajit Mookerjee book, having heard of it in recent times as one of the finest examples of ritual art found in India. It is a pleasure to review it.

For those interested in the paranormal and supernatural, this book will be a nice reference on the ritual uses of gods, goddesses, and others in the afterlife and other world and physical reality of India, for it contains an excellent text to accompany the abundance of fine photographs, and illustrations. The story of Durga is revealed in finely detailed artwork, and her encounter with demons, and overpowering the demons by her and others is shown in ritual art. The role of religion is always of interest when it comes to dealing with demons and the afterlife, and those figures sought for help in times of need.

Every culture has its demons and monsters to contend with, and that includes ghosts, and whatever other entities are seen as evil. India has its fair share.

The charm of this fine book is the text, and the illustrations and photographs. Fertility rites and nature worship are other topics covered. Death and Rebirth is covered.

The detail work of the art is splendid, and noteworthy. There are more than one-hundred color photographs. Worth your time to read and enjoy!

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