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Pure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting by Judika IllesPure Magic: A Complete Course in Spellcasting
By Judika Illes
Publisher: Weiser Books (July 2007)
Pages: 290 – Price: $16.95 review

Those seeking a practical, hands-on and comprehensive approach to magick and magick spells will discover Judika Illes’s well-written book of great value. She is also the author of The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.

Judika Illes has a fine knack for presenting information in a direct manner that both enlightens and entertains at the same instant! As a reference work, this book is highly recommended for the library shelf.

The charm of this book is its honesty and forthrightness in sharing what it takes to have a sense of personal magickal empowerment, and how to use that power in a positive manner. Following the introduction is part one with a sub-heading of Magic 101. This section gives a nice glossary of magickal terms, talks about the Four Elements, and the use of colors. Other parts of the book cover more detailed aspects of magick and magick allies. There is a section pertaining to spells, and what and how you should utilize them wisely. Remember the old adage to be careful what you wish and ask for….

All in all, this is a reliable reference text about magick. It is one to have ready and on hand, for it is filled with working, workable spells.

Congratulations to Judika Illes’ for writing this honest look at magick and spells, and what is involved.

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