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The New England Ghost Project presents its Spring conference: “Revelations: The Eastern Massachusetts Paranormal Ghost Conference and Seminar” May 6, 2006 at the haunted Methuen Gatehouse in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Cost: $100
Contact: Ron Kolek
The New England Ghost Project
1166 Merrimack Avenue
Dracut Massachusetts 01826
(978) 455-6678

The all day conference includes speakers, seminars, exhibits, and dinner at the Haunted 1859 House Restaurant

Speakers and events include:

Jeff Belanger: author and founder of

Jeremy D’Etremont: author and historian for the National Lighthouse Trust speaking on haunted lighthouses.

Karen Mossey: EVP Specialist for the NEGP whose work has appeared in “White Noise” and “Ghost Whisper”

Shaman and Reverend Steve Wilson: speaking on spirit removal and house clearing.

Roxie of New England Curiosities: speaking on the “Lost Castle of the Lakes,” Haunted pubs, and curios graveyards.

Bette Comerford: speaking on animal communication

Ron Kolek: radio personality and Ghost Hunter

Joe Bella: local historian and authority on the Tenney Gatehouse and Graycourt Castle

The conference also includes:
-Diner at the haunted 1859 House Restaurant
-A midnight EVP Session
-An Exhibit of Ghost Photographs
-Walking tour to the ruins of Greycourt Castle
-And more.

Speaker and events may change before the conference. Registration is limited.

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