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Witness: Jen
Location: Long Beach, California
Date of Encounter: Summer 2004

My great grandma died when I was eight. She was my world and when she died my world crumbled. I forgot everything about her because the pain was too horrible. Eight or nine years past and I went to spend the night at my uncle’s house.

My uncle was a very unlucky man. He always got sick and had accidents that really hurt him. When my great grandma was alive she always watched over my uncle and I now know she did that after death also. I was in my uncle’s house for a week and I had the downstairs bedroom to myself. My uncle slept in another room. Well, I couldn’t sleep at all… I wasn’t feeling good, my head was hurting and so was my stomach — it was really bad. I was just about to go wake up my uncle and ask him to call my mom when I felt something. I felt something like a hand resting on my arm. It wasn’t in a hurting way, it was a loving kind of “I’m here to help you,” sort of way. I instantly knew who it was. I said, “Hi G.G.” (that is what we called her) “I miss you and love you very much.” Then I felt the hand stroke my face an then my headache was gone. I felt the hand rub my stomach and the pain was gone. Then I felt a kiss on my cheek and a sweet old voice (a voice I haven’t heard in years) say, “I love you too, Jen.” Then it went away. Three seconds later I started to cry for the woman who loved me so much and the woman who I can never try to forget.

I love you, G.G.!

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