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Witness: Tracey
Location: San Bernardino, California
Date of Encounter: 1985

I'm submitting my encounter after reading about similar experiences here at Ghostvillage. This phenomena was experienced by me personally, plus my sister and my mother. It happened in 1985 at our home.

Our bedrooms were front-facing in our house, and we lived at the top a "J" where two streets intersected. My sister, who is four years younger than me, came to my Mom one night saying that she was afraid to go to sleep because she saw red eyes in her window.

We inspected the room but saw nothing. I mentioned that perhaps she was seeing a reflection of the porch lights and I offered to switch rooms with her. We did that the next day.

One night, I got into a particularly nasty argument with my Mom. I went back into my room and closed the door. I sat in my rocking chair and listened to my stereo with the lights off and eyes closed. It wasn't more than five minutes later when I opened my eyes to look at the clock by the door and saw two red eyes looking back at me. I froze. There was no physical body and no eye socket — just bright red eyes, seemingly floating in the air.

I wondered if this was a reflection, and I moved from left to right to see what would happened. The red eyes followed me! I had to pass them to get to the light switch. I jumped up and hit the light. When I turned around, my room was filled with a thick fog but the eyes were gone.

I was a silly teenager who believed her pastor when he said my heavy metal albums were evil. I remember taking my albums to the patio. By the time I finished, the fog had dissipated.

Several things happened that year — the eyes, the strange fog, plus our dog barked at things that we couldn't see. Even the radio in my room would come on out of the blue to a different station.

One night I remember lying in bed and seeing a shadow figure walk right by me and into the closet. There were no red eyes, though, so I don't know if the incidents were related. I never did do a history of the house, but I might look into it.

Eventually, my Mom saw the same red eyes and asked the pastor to come in and bless the house. We moved two years later and I haven't seen the eyes since then. I have always wondered WHAT exactly it was we experienced.

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