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Witness: Holly
Location: Monroe, Michigan
Date of Encounter: March, 2011

I have this ghost. He is nice and always with me. Sometimes I feel a cold spot and sometimes I feel like I'm being hugged. I like it when he is around.

I have seen ghosts ever since I was little. My life was hard growing up and I've been in bad relationships, but I feel that someone is always protecting me. I don't know how to talk to him. He just sits by my dresser and looks at me and smiles.

I don't know if he is foreign. He talks different and sometimes I can't understand him. I have tried to record sound on my phone. I have heard him say hi, my name, and sometimes I can hear more things.

I always feel cold spots, like really cold, even if I have warmer clothes or a blanket on me. It kind of creeps me out at night when he looks at me. I would like to find a way to talk to him and understand why he has been with me through the years.

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