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Witness: Nikki
Location: Pensacola, Florida
Date of Encounter: Summer of 2002

At the time of the encounter my family lived in the same house that we had been renting for thirteen years. I never experienced any unexplained experiences before, except Tupperware falling out of the cabinet and being sprawled on the floor — but that could have been because of the way they had been put away — nothing significant. In May 2002 my mother passed away in her sleep at the age of 40. I was 17 at the time. This was a severe devastation to us: me, my father, and brother. Shortly after her death so many strange things happened almost everyday at that house. We believe that some of it was my mother, and some of the events were definitely not due to the strong negative feeling we would get.

Some of the things we experienced included the cabinets rattling as if someone opened them slightly then let them shut the rest of the way on their own which sounded like a rattle. We believed that to be my mom, who was in the kitchen every night making dinner, cleaning, she played Yahtzee there with my grandmother — it is where she spent the majority of her time. We also experienced knocking sounds on the wall almost every night. Sometimes the knocks even traveled from one side of the room to the other and we'd knock back. Sometimes it would too. I don't know if that was my mother or not, maybe it was just a mischievous spirit.

"Non-mom" encounters happened to me and my father and the experiences were all very similar to one another. When trying to fall asleep a strong, (hard to describe) negative "wave" came over me — it felt as if someone was laying on top of me or holding me down. I tried to say something or call for my father, but was unable to even though I was trying really hard. The room, dark anyways, became darker, then it just went away. The next time this happened I thought to myself, okay, scream this time, you can do it. But all that came out was a faint, "Dad…" which still makes me laugh to this day, but at the time it was anything but funny. My father spoke of similar experiences where it felt as if someone crawled into the bed and when he went to turn over to see what it was, he was rendered motionless and speechless, similar to my experiences. He had a few more events like that happen. Also, more near the date of my mother's death, we all cried uncontrollably. During one of these occasions alone in my room I felt a lift in my chest and my crying abruptly stopped without my making it. I then experienced an overall sense of well being come over me — I can only describe it as like a hug from my mother. I also recall a warm feeling. Similar things like this happened to my brother and father. The last encounter I experienced was a more visual one… kind of. I was laying in bed with my kitty on my stomach trying to sleep, but I had my bathroom light on and the door open because by then I had developed a fear of the dark. Then a sound that sounded like something fell out of the cabinet and into the sink startled me and the kitty. The kitty stood up, and I sat up, then my light turned off. Kitty was now at the door to my room wanting the heck out of there and I was right behind her. I went and had my dad go into the room and turn the light on and inspect the bathroom where the cabinets were closed and we could not find the reason the initial sound of a falling object into the sink came from. We since moved out of the house and none of us have any more paranormal stories to share since.

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