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Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and PotionsKitchen Witch’s Guide to Brews and Potions
By Patricia Telesco
Publisher: New Page Books (August 2005)
Pages: 348 – Price: $15.99 review

Patricia Telesco has a winner on her hands with this fine collection of brews and potions. This is a nice and logical guide to preparing beverages for every occasion. The directions and instructions make this a fun, hands-on book to enjoy!

There are sixteen chapters in the book. In addition to the bibliography and index, there are two appendices. Appendix A covers common ingredients, elemental correspondences, magickal associations, and uses in brewing. Appendix B covers possible brewing deities.

The book is divided into two parts. Part one covers myths, magick, and religion, giving the reader some keen insights into these topics. Brewing in history and religion, medicinal and magickal uses for beverages, and magickal brewing methods are detailed. Part two opens with a thoughtful introduction followed by recipes for beer, charming cordials, amultetic aperitifs, luscious liquors, dessert drinks, blossoming beverages, joyful juicing, magickal malteds, mead, metheglin, horilka, season brews and Pagan party punches, tea talismans, coffee charms, wine and wine coolers, among others. 

You will find this book enjoyable reading. There is a great potion for carrot awareness to open the third eye so you can see clearly. The contents for this drink are given and how to prepare it. It, like the other recipes, are explained and what can be expected from drinking them! Each recipe gives the ingredients, the directions, magickal associations, history and lore, nutritional value, and suggestions for alternatives.

A well-written and well-explained work, this book should find a good reception among all groups. Patricia Telesco had written more than fifty metaphysical books. She lectures on Paganism and has her own home web page at

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