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Raphael by Richard WebsterRaphael
By Richard Webster
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (May 2005)
Pages: 170 – Price: $10.95 review

Richard Webster is a prolific author, and Raphael is another book in his series on the archangels. Raphael is considered the guardian angel of humanity.

Other amazing attributes of Raphael are covered in the book. Raphael is also known as the divine physician, the archangel of health and healing, and the archangel of abundance and creativity. 

In this book, author Richard Webster presents a guidebook for making contact with Raphael. The techniques are readily available for the reader, and by following them, the reader should establish contact with this archangel.

The rituals are clearly examined and defined for ready use. There are various meditations with crystals, visualization, and dreamwork.

Webster writes well, and in a concise, readable manner. This book will interest a wide range of readers. Those interested in the paranormal will find communicating with Raphael a learning experience for the positive!

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