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Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship by Christian de QuinceyRadical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship
By Christian de Quincey
Publisher: Park Street Press (August 2005)
Pages: 330 – Price: $18.95 review

This book is about understanding consciousness through relationship. To do this, indicates that consciousness must be viewed from the perspective of more than one point of view.

Essentially a self-help book in the psychology genre, it is something readers of the paranormal may want to investigate further. The idea of an individual’s private consciousness is seen as coming from the dimension of shared consciousness. By unlocking shared consciousness, a pathway is opened to achieving spiritual evolution as well as higher consciousness.

There are three parts to the book and five appendices. One of these appendices discusses “What Jung Meant By ‘Synchronicity’.”

The art of knowing is covered in detail. So much material, all of it good, it is hard to pick and select what to comment on. There is an analysis of panpsychism given, among other topics.

This book will make you think. Educational with its themes, it is also a sharing experience between a gifted author and his readers. 

De Quincey is a professor of consciousness studies at John F. Kennedy University and cofounder of The Visionary Edge. He lives in Half Moon Bay, California and is the author of Radical Nature.

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