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Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec CodexPyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex
By John Major Jenkins and Martin Matz
Publisher: Bear & Company (November 2004)
Pages: 175 – Price: $14.00
Includes CD-Rom with 25 custom-designed tance meditation sound programs. review

For those interested in death and the afterlife, this book about the spiritual ascent at the end of time will be enjoyable reading, and filled with many surprises. A Beat-era poet and explorer of the 1950s, Marty Matz came across a previously unknown Aztec codex during one of his adventures in 1961. A Mazatec shaman in the mountain region of Oaxaca, Mexico introduces Matz to this long forgotten and unknown artifact.

This remarkable codex reveals a metaphysical teaching which details how the end of time will also bring about a visionary ascent and mystic initiation. Matz transcribed this pictorial codex into a literary form to preserve it.

It is an epic poem about spiritual enlightenment, and is now identified as the Codex Matz-Ayauhtla. Matz was able to draw comparisons from other traditions, and Jenkins provides insights into these traditions. Such as a reference made to the Aldous Huxley introduction to The Song of God: Bhagavad Gita by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood. Gnostic elements and the motiff of the Perennial Philsophy are also discussed.
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Matz (1934 – 2001) did not live to see the work published, but his friend John Major Jenkins completed the book with line-by-line commentary. There is much of interest in this fine book, and it will hold your interest. Jenkins is the author of books and publications and has taught at Esalen, and he has appeared on the discovery Channel’s “Places of Mystery.”

This is a first rate reading experience. It catches the reader’s attention and holds it from start to finish. Those interested in Hindu and Zen aspects, and the “serpent of consciousness,” will find this a mystery tour of great enjoyment! Jenkins’ comments are concise, insightful, and educational. 

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