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Witness: Pebbles Reams
Location: Chester, Arkansas
Date of Encounter: April 2007

My son (who was four at the time) and I went to Chester to be there for my disabled Uncle Billy because his partner of 27 years (my other Uncle Jesse) was dying of cancer. We were there five days when he passed. We stayed to help my Uncle Billy through his grief and get things in order. Two weeks after Uncle Jesse passed, my son and I were going to sleep in the spare bedroom upstairs and we were just laying there talking when in the middle of the conversation my son says, "That guy is fixin' to pull my leg."

I said are you telling me that there is a man standing next to the bed? He said, "Yes, and he is fixin' to pull my leg… watch." I laid there in disbelief as I watched my son's leg raise and watched him just slide over to the edge of the bed! Which is a good 18 inches. Oh my God, I could not believe what just happened right in front of my eyes! I pulled my son back to me and he asked, "Who is that guy?"

I said, "It's probably Uncle Jesse, you know how much he loved you and he probably just wanted to play with you one more time."

My son said, "I hope so, 'cause he is fixin' to do it again." And there he went, leg raised and slides right over to the edge of the bed again! I was in total shock! I couldn't believe it happened the first time, but now a second time. I was totally freaking out! My son asked me, "Is he going to hurt me?"

I said, "No baby, you know Uncle Jesse would never hurt you, don't you?"

He said, "I know Uncle Jesse wouldn't, but this guy doesn't look like Uncle Jesse." I didn't want him to be scared because up to this point he wasn't scared at all. So I said, "Well, sometimes when you first go to heaven you don't look the same as you did when you were here on earth, so that's probably why he doesn't look the same." I have had lots of encounters throughout my life, and of course when he passed I hoped that he would come and visit us. But I also know that some bad spirits will prey on you when you're down and use it to their advantage. But no matter what, I did not want my son hurt, let alone scared, so I just kept reassuring him that it was Uncle Jesse and he didn't have to worry about anything. I pulled him close to me and just held him and he finally went to sleep, but I didn't sleep all night just because I could not believe what had just taken place twice right in front of my eyes!

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