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Witness: Brenda Griswold
Location: Southington, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: May 1992

This story is what I now know as a "precognition." Our family: me, mom, and dad just purchased Nintendo with the super Mario's Brothers game, which my mother stayed up till the wee hours of the morning trying to conquer. Anyway, strange things began to happen at three in the morning. Clock radio's would go off (not set), smoke detectors, etc. My father would wake up angry and rip the smoke detector off the ceiling, take the batteries out, and it would still go off! After a couple days of this it stopped for a day and then it happened. I was asleep then I just woke up. Not groggy, fully awake — I looked at my clock on one side of my bed (the one near the door) then I turned my head to the other side and saw an old looking man, very pale white, sitting on all fours with his head cocked towards me looking right at me! It looked like he was wearing a baggie loin cloth, and he was emaciated, with piercing eyes. 

I quickly turned my head away in shock and then made a bolt for the door. My mother was sitting at the end of the couch playing her Nintendo (at three in the morning) when she saw me come out of my room scared to death. I explained to her what I just saw, then slept on the couch.

It took me a year to figure out what I saw that night. That May my father was given a year to live (cancer). He wanted to die at home so we had Hospice take care of him. He died one year exactly on the day he was diagnosed. He died on the couch. His 250-pound frame was a mere 80 pounds of skin and bones. His skin and hair were white, almost translucent. Wearing nothing but a pair of baggy white boxer shorts, he died with his eyes open — his piercing blue eyes. 
I saw this a year before it happened.

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