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Witness: Gary
Location: Hull, England
Date of Encounter: 1934

My father tells a good story about when he was a boy in England. I thought I would share it. He and his parents were temporarily living in a third-floor apartment waiting for a house to be built. Each day, he came home from school and ran up the stairs to the front door past a portrait of a funny little old man. On the day that the family could finally move out of the cramped apartment, my dad was puzzled why his parents had removed everything from the apartment except for the portrait of the funny old man that always lay propped up against the wall just outside the front door. When he asked, "What about the portrait of that funny old man — are we leaving it here?" his parents looked startled and said, "You mean the empty old picture frame propped up by the wall?" 

He swears that that empty picture frame always had a man's face in it when he passed it by.

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