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Pirate Ghosts and Phantom Ships by Thomas D'AgostinoPirate Ghosts & Phantom Ships
By Thomas D’Agostino
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing (November 2007)
Pages: 188 – Price: $14.95 review

Pirate Ghosts & Phantom Ships is a well-written book, and highly enjoyable. This reviewer could not put it down and finished reading the entire book during one sitting!

This book will appeal to a wide reading audience. It is about pirate ghosts and ghostly pirate ships still sailing off the New England coast. There are stories of Blackbeard, Anne Bonney, Captain Kid, Black Bellamy, among others. The book contains thirty-eight tales, each one macabre in its own right!

Among the enjoyable readings are “Dungeon Rock,” “The Pirate’s Wife,” “The Specter that Returned to Salem,” “The Ghostly Crew of the Charles Haskell,” “The Isadore,” “Blackbeard’s Ghost,” and others. Each story will hold the reader spellbound. There are also two well-crafted appendices, one which covers the timetable of notable pirates.

Thomas D’agostino is a fine writer, and he is concise and entertaining with his presentation of factual documentation. A writer for over twenty-four years, he is also a member and co-founder with Arlene Nicholson of the respected coalition called Paranormal United Research Society. He contributed material to Jeff Belanger’s book, Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, and contributes material regularly to Fate magazine.

Don’t let this one pass you by, for it is worth your reading time! Highly recommended.

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