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Witness: Brigette
Location: Jerome, Idaho
Date of Encounter: 1981-82

The front door lock of our house had broken and we couldn't get it fixed right away. I don't remember this because I was only 3 or 4 at the time. My mother and grandmother would alternate putting either I or my sister through the washroom window to run through the house to unlock the front door from the inside.

It was my turn to unlock the door… so I am told. My mother lifted me to the window and she says she heard me jump down off of our dryer and onto the floor of the washroom. Now the washroom window was a high sort of small window that could not be seen into without being on a ladder, and that is why we had to be lifted or boosted up to the window.

The next thing she heard was my screaming.

She became frightened and put my sister though the window next. Upon entering the washroom my sister couldn't immediately find me. But she ran through the house and unlocked the front door.

My mother found me crouched behind the door of the washroom just sitting there quietly. She asked me what happened. I told her that I saw a man that I could see through and he had on a hat, a gray jacket, and black work boots. He was smiling and had bent over as if to pick me up. He had told me that he was my grandpa and that he had always wanted to meet me.

That night after putting me, my sister, and brother to sleep, my mother quietly discussed with my grandmother when to tell us kids that my grandfather had committed suicide before we were born, and also that he had taken his life in that exact room in our house.

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