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Photography and Spirit by John HarveyPhotography and Spirit
By John Harvey
Publisher: Reaktion Books (November 2007)
Pages: 176 Price: $29.95 review

This book will fascinate readers with its photographs of spirit contact and spirit presence. If you want to look at ghosts on film, these 80 illustrations will more than satisfy your interest. The author is John Harvey who is a professor at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth.

This fine book is divided into three sections. Following a thoughtful, in-depth introduction to the subject matter, there are three parts to the book: Religion, Science, and Art. Each section carries photographs pertinent to that section.

Spirits, visitations, ghosts, apparitions — by whatever name they are called — reveal themselves in this well-researched nonfiction book. The writing style is concise.

Every aspect of spirit photography is covered in the book. The bibliography and index further add to the interest!

This is a journey through the surreal, an active and in-depth examination of the numerous myths and cultural history surrounding spirit photography. The photographs cover the period from 1860 through the present, and reveal enduring artifacts of cultural history. The book is also a telling statement about the various meanings of death in Western culture. For the general reader, those interesting in the paranormal, or the experienced ghost hunter, this is an ideal book to have in the home library. This would be an excellent book about spirit photography to have your local librarian order and place in the library.

Literate, well-written, and highly entertaining are the three words to best describe this book by John Harvey. Highly recommended!

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