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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. An interesting topic was raised by an elderly lady concerning ghosts affecting current events in the form of repayment for past deeds. She believes the United States government has become a Nazi Theocracy. I looked up the words Nazi and theocracy in the dictionary. You will find the definitions given interesting.

To examine this unusual approach, and to make an attempt to examine her questions would take longer than this column has space for. As the saying goes: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Yes, Virginia, it may well be that the current USA government is a Nazi Theocracy spelled backwards.

To even approach this unusual paranormal idea, one would first have to ask: Would the deceased Nazis of the World War II-era be capable of sustaining their ethereal fiber into present times? We are looking at a period of time covering the 1930s and the 1940s. What purpose would it serve them to influence the USA? Where does the current USA president, USA vice-president, and those that continue to control the USA Congress fit into such a schema? I am not a political analyst, nor am I a religious analyst. But the question does raise some interesting aspects in the realm of paranormal and supernatural studies, and it most certainly does open up the idea of reincarnation with karma paybacks. One would have to investigate the past life of the president, vice-president, and the party in power at Washington, D.C. An even wider sociological perspective of the American culture and its people would have to be examined, and discussed.

I have no answers for the elderly woman who wrote in and shared her thoughts with me for my column. If anything, it raises more paranormal questions. Could the past dreams, visions, and goals of the Nazi culture have survived death and are now in the process of an ongoing rebirth in some new macabre form within the USA? Is the USA the new Nazi Theocracy? Is history repeating itself with the help of willing paranormal entities enticing living politicians in the world? Again, is history repeating itself with the help of paranormal entities seeking to secure what they once held and lost in World War II? Has the United States become the new Nazi America with the ongoing help of paranormal entities who know the weaknesses of their living prey? I have no answers for the elderly woman who wrote in! This is something for the paranormal and supernatural investigators to examine in-depth.

This is certainly a paranormal paradox. What do you think?

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