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Witness: Melanie
Location: Cornwallis, Nova Scotia Canada
Date of Encounter: July 2005

It was my second year at HMCS Acadia, a Canadian sea cadet camp in eastern Canada that has a reputation for being haunted. The camp was a large army base during World War II. I knew as soon as the bus pulled in front of the old "H" block it was going to be a long summer. The camp decided to re-open the famous Yukon and Quebec blocks, I personally heard lots of stories about the blocks and was not looking forward to my stay. For the first five weeks I had had a lot of little experiences, hearing static noise from the washroom at night, footsteps, voices, dryer doors opening and closing. I had been though similar experiences the year before in a different block, but nothing prepared me for what happened the last few weeks I was there. My bunk mate had had an experience the night before. She had said she heard heavy footsteps running down our hallway after the usual static noise had started from the bathroom. She was frozen watching the hallway and when the footsteps passed our bunk there was no one there. Her watch stopped at the time the noise had started. She was too freaked out to sleep in her bunk so she stayed with another girl. I figured it was a one-of-a-kind thing, but I was wrong.

The next night I awoke to the static noise and soft footsteps going up and down the stairwell, for about three or four minutes. Then came the footsteps running down the hallway. I was so frozen in fear all I could do was stare at the hallway. The midnight runner came to a complete stop at the end of my bed, but nothing was there. I felt hands go around the top bars of my bunk and give it a great two thumps against the wall. Needless to say I could not sleep till the sun came up that morning. I talked to another girl the in the galley in the morning and she had had a similar experience. I have never been so frightened in my life. I have had many ghost experiences, but that was the only one that has ever frightened me like that.

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  1. This story gives me goosebumps each time I read it. If hearing the footsteps wasnt bad enough, I know you had to been on the verge of insane-like fear when you felt the ghost grab the top bar of the bunk and push it against the wall. Goodness, that’s just creeping me out just thinking about it.

    I know that it’s been over 10 years since this encounter and over 7 years since you submitted the story, so I doubt that you will ever reply to this, but I was just wondering what you meant by the “static noise” that you heard from the bathroom. Do you mean like actual static like you hear on a tv or like a steady monotone noise as if something was being struck or hit on?

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