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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. The art of scrying is found in the roots of many cultures. It is the ancient method of divining the future or finding out information from an otherworldly source of reality. Simply put, it is a form of peeping.

My wife Debra and I have a small Mein Pin dog who enjoys looking into the cosmetic mirror on Debra’s make-up vanity. The dog’s name is Celeste, and she is really a hoot to observe when she jumps from the chair onto the table and stares into the cosmetic mirror. She does this once a week, and it is part of her ritual as an inquisitive dog. She has a sister, another Mein Pin dog, named Prissy who also studies her own reflection, but does this quietly without barking when she thinks nobody is looking!

Recently, I think I came to understood what Celeste was trying to say to her reflection in the mirror: “Don’t bark at me, I’m not the dog in the mirror.” I joined her at the mirror when she was through. She looked at me, sniffed the air as if to say all is safe now, gave me one of her confident dog smiles, and got down. I looked in the mirror, and thought I would give it a shot, so I gave my best bark and said, “Don’t bark at me, I’m not the human in the mirror.” The mirror seemed to haze over, but I did not tarry to see what message might be coming up! Other things needed to be done. When I did get back, the mirror was just a mirror and being itself. I am sure it was hiding secrets. Well, another time, then!

Here is some food for thought, when you think of what might be learned from the ancient art of scrying. You can use a mirror, glass, water, a pond or lake or river setting, smoke, or crystal, among other items. Some people claim they can successfully scry on the inside of their closed eyelids. So, consider then that the French seer, Nostradamus, was reputed to have used a crystal and other items to foresee the future, and the average woman or man has just as much talent as he did, if they seriously pursue such a way to peep into the future. Nostradamus made predictions for World War Three no later than 2009, or somewhere between 2007 – 2012. Maybe you, too, could see what is coming with a crystal ball! Maybe you could predict what comes after World War Three.

There are a lot of interesting, serious books available on the subject of scrying. Three titles which immediately come to mind are: Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls by Ted Andrews, Scrying for Beginners by Donald Tyson, and Scrying the Secrets of the Future by Cassandra Eason. I would guess you could find dozens more such books in the online books section with your computer, or in a used book store. Depends on what you are looking for.

So there you have it, a brief musing on scrying, inspired by the antics of a little curious dog name Celeste. Happy gazing!

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