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Witness: Lizzy
Location: Holiday, Florida
Date of Encounter: 2009

My roommate and I had moved into a new rental home and were living there for a week when we started experiencing activity. <

At first the lights, water facuets, and showers started turning on and off. Doors opened on their own, as well. I've always been sensitive to paranormal experiences so none of this seemed threatening.

Then one night I was home alone and started getting ready for bed when I heard a crash in the living room/kitchen area that sounded like breaking glass. At first I thought that the cat had knocked something over, so I grudgingly went to go clean up the mess.

As I got out of bed and reached for the handle of the door, I heard heavy footsteps crunching in the glass. I immediately thought that someone had broken into the house and was ransacking the place.

I froze as I saw a shadow of someone standing in my bedroom door. I got to the corner of my room and held my cell phone ready to dial 911. I hadn't dialed for fear that the "burglar" would hear me talking and break into my room and come after me. I waited for over 30 minutes listening to rustling around and more glass being shifted until I heard nothing. I was relieved and thought that the "intruder" had finally left.<>
Once I came out of my bedroom to survey the damage…everything was in its place. Not a glass knocked over, no door open, nothing was disheveled. There was no sign that anyone had been in the house.

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