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Massachusetts, September 18, 2007 — You’re dead. Now what? That’s the big question that has perplexed mankind since the dawn of humanity. When a person experiences what they perceive to be a ghost, that big question is answered. In Jeff Belanger’s new book, The Ghost Files: Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research from the Vaults of, he explores the supernatural from the perspective of eyewitnesses, experts, religion, and even the skeptics.

In 1999, Jeff Belanger launched the Web site with the intent of starting an objective and open global discussion on ghosts. What began as six simple Web pages in 1999 has exploded into over 150,000 pages of content with contributions from around the world. Culled from the pages and files of and from Belanger’s extensive research, The Ghost Files is a paranormal “best-of.” The book offers dozens of personal and profound accounts of ghost encounters; feature articles that explore specific aspects of the subject such as: possession, ghost investigation, psychics, folklore, historic haunts, spirit communication, skepticism, and animal spirits; and much more.

The Ghost Files is for fans of ghost stories, paranormal investigators, and for those who want to explore the many facets of the supernatural experience,” said Jeff Belanger, author of The Ghost Files and founder of “Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to exchange ideas with so many people on this paranormal topic that I wanted to write a book that would be my definitive work on not only the where and when of ghosts, but also delve into the hows and whys.”

“Punctuated by real people’s experiences, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the paranormal-or anyone who’s had an experience themselves,” said parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, author of Hauntings and Poltergeists: A Ghost Hunter’s Guide.

About Jeff Belanger
Jeff Belanger leads a very haunted life. He’s been fascinated with the supernatural since age ten when he investigated his first haunted house during a sleepover in Newtown, Connecticut. Since then he’s worked as a magazine editor, journalist, freelance writer, and has authored numerous books on the paranormal-his books have been published in five different languages. He’s also the founder of He’s lectured around the United States to audiences big and small, and he’s become a recognized media personality-appearing on over 100 radio and television programs worldwide including: National Public Radio, BBC, Coast to Coast AM, X-Zone Radio, and The Maury Show. For more information, visit:

Founded in 1999, has been providing ghost research, evidence, and discussion to its global audience. The Web site has been independently verified by and (an company) as the most popular Web site on the Internet covering the subject of ghosts and the supernatural. The site regularly receives between 6 and 9 million hits per month and has tens of thousands of subscribers to its free monthly email newsletter. In August of 2006, the London Mirror named one of “50 cool websites that us Brits could not live without.”

About The Ghost Files
The Ghost Files: Paranormal Encounters, Discussion, and Research from the Vaults of (ISBN: 1-56414-974-9, pages: 224, price: $13.99) was published by New Page Books (a subsidiary of Career Press) in September of 2007. The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and many other booksellers.

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