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Paraquest’s second annual all day conference is due to take place on Sunday, the 14th of May 2006 at the Freemasons Hall, Sale, Cheshire, England from 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM.

After the great success of last years event, the conference organizers believe this year could be the largest one-day conference on the subject of the paranormal in Manchester ever.  The conference speakers are experts in their field and several have written best-selling books on many aspects of the paranormal. The speakers include:

Nick Pope
Nick Pope is a British Ministry of Defence official, still currently employed at the Ministry of Defence who headed up the Ministry office for research and investigation of the UFO phenomenon for a number of years in the 1990s. In his testimony, we will learn of incontrovertible evidence in several events with massive objects moving at extraordinary speeds, witnessed by military personnel with impeccable credentials, and tracked on radar — objects which are not manufactured on this Earth. He will also confirm the Bentwaters case and other cases within the United Kingdom, and acknowledge the existence of extensive government files on the UFO phenomenon. Mr. Pope supports total openness and honesty on the UFO issue, and believes that there should be a full disclosure of all information on UFOs, held by governments all around the world.

Tina Laurent
Tina is one of the UK’s foremost researchers into the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (known as EVP for short) – which she has now studied and practised for the last 20 years with increasingly positive results; she has also collaborated with the Police on murder cases using psychic methods. In 1983 Tina started studying under Benson Herbert, internationally known parapsychologist at his Laboratory, and started compiling her own investigations into Welsh paranormal events. Tina will present a lecture on the history of EVP along with a demonstration of many very interesting examples, and a guide on how you can also get involved with attempting to record your own EVP phenomena.

Andrew Johnson
The Disclosure Project is a non-profit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. They have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. Andrew is the UK’s representative for this American lead project. Andrew grew up in Yorkshire and graduated from Lancaster University in 1986 with a degree in Computer Science and Physics. He has mainly worked in Software Engineering and Software Development, for most of the last 20 years. He has also worked full and part time in lecturing and tutoring (at a College of Further Education) and with the Open University (part time), whilst still working freelance on various small software development projects. 

Titus Rivas
Titus is a researcher and author living in Holland with a formal university degree in both philosophy and psychology, comparable to the English titles of MA and MSc respectively. He heads the Dutch group Athanasia, a serious foundation for the philosophical and parapsychological study of personal survival after death, personal reincarnation and the personal evolution of the soul or spirit. Titus is widely accepted as one of Europe’s leading experts on the subjects of Reincarnation and the possibility of the survival of the soul after death. Titus has written several books on psychical research, and philosophy, and was involved in an international case study in Hungary and Spain by the Society for Psychical Research.

Russ Callaghan
Researcher & co-editor of much mourned UFO Magazine. Since the tragic death of Graham W. Birdsall, editor of the magazine, he has continued to produce what is still one of the UK’s best selling UFO periodical. He is an active researcher who is not easily fooled. Along with Graham, Russell has produced several award winning video documentaries on this subject. Russell will discuss all the relevant cases this year and in particular the new Bi-monthly magazine ‘UFO Data Report’ which saw its first issue released January 17th via the internet: With a wealth of experience and case studies to hand this should be a ‘must see’ bringing us all up to date with the latest news from the UK.

The cost is £12.50 if booked in advance, or £15.00 on the day. 

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