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The UK’s First Paranormal Monthly Magazine Featuring Paranormal Experts and Stars
PARANORMAL is a 100-page monthly publication packed with features and in depth articles. Topics covered in past issues include ghosts & spirits, the afterlife, EVP, the unexplained, unsolved mysteries, UFO’s, aliens, fortean phenomena, paranormal investigations and guidance on using investigative equipment as well as the latest paranormal news from around the world.

Unlike any other magazine PARANORMAL, has columnists who are proven experts in the field of all things paranormal. Amongst those contributing regularly are: Yvette Fielding, presenter of the award winning television series Most Haunted, David Wells, Richard Felix and Ciaran O’Keeffe.

If you would like us to cover a subject or have a story or a photograph for PARANORMAL, simply email the editor Allison Jordan.

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