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Pagans and the Law: Understand Your RightsPagans and the Law: Understand Your Rights
By Dana D. Eilers
Publisher: New Page Books (July 2003)
Pages: 247 – Price: $15.99 review

Dana D. Eilers has done a great service in putting this book together, for it is an accurate approach to understanding your rights if you are a member of various Pagan religions, or religions that are not mainstream Christian. Each chapter will hold your interest.

The index is highly organized, and the material is arranged so that information is easily located. For instance: Court of Military Review; Bush, George W., and Jesus Day; Dark Ages and the Church; determining whether Wicca is a religion; federal and state laws that protect Pagans; Ozark Avalon v. Lachner; Pagans and child custody; Title VII and religious discrimination; work in a discrimination-free environment; among many others. A resources section is also included with the information on the author, who is a practicing attorney and Pagan activist.

There are eight chapters, chapter notes, and bibliography. This book serves as an excellent guide for finding an attorney a Pagan can work with, types of attorneys, laws involving child custody, the laws on the federal register, god and government, land use, Pagans and rent, and other topics. The section on job discrimination is helpful in many ways.

This is a major publishing event, for it shows how government and mean-spirited people will seek to curtail the rights of Pagans unless Pagans know how to take a stand and fight back. This book shows clearly how to take that stand and fight back!

Readers will find this a useful resource book. Dana D. Eilers deserves congratulations on creating the first major book of its kind regarding legal rights of the Pagan. Very good reading!

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