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Witness: Amanda
Location: Ocala, Florida
Date of Encounter: August 1998

I worked for years in a small office near the older part of town, the office was built in the 60s. I would, on occasion, hear someone call my voice when I knew I was the only one there, or get that "feeling" that I get when there is a visitor.

One afternoon myself and a co-worker were standing in the hall talking about the weird feelings that she had been having in the office and then I confessed to my experiences. I can only assume that our discussion about whoever was around made them decide to show themselves. I looked up and all I could see was a face rushing toward me (the image is still burned in my memory). I jumped out of the way and landed on the floor and my friend was up against the wall. We decided before we would explain to each other what we thought we saw, we would first write it down. Our descriptions matched — "he" was a tall thin man in a suit from around the turn of the century with dark hair and a handlebar mustache. The next day we went to the office on a Saturday and took pictures as we "felt" something. One picture was a distinct cloud over my head and a shot taken down in the law library found a young girl standing at the end by the wall dressed in a white and blue school uniform from around the same period as the man.

We did some digging into the past of the property and apparently there was an old boarding house out there that burned down around the early 1900s and the jail was on that property too for a short time in the 1880s. I have moved twice since then and the pictures have disappeared but the image of that man that day I don't think will ever disappear from my mind.
Also, during our "investigation" we found that people in the State Attorney's office directly behind the law office (and sitting on the same property) had also seen the man with the mustache and the little girl on numerous occasions (even the State Attorney himself).

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