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Witness: Crystal
Location: Queensland, Australia
Date of Encounter: 2007

We moved into a rental home early this year. It is the nicest home we have lived in for years. The house itself is about 18-20 years old, and one of the sides is along a highway where many people have died in car accidents, whether this has anything to do with the following I am not sure.

When we first moved in, me and my mum both felt there was a presence at the end of the hall. It just seemed that something was watching us, and every night when I went to sleep I'd feel someone standing at the door watching me (the door stayed open so that air could flow through the house from the bathroom, the bedroom window stays shut so as not to hear the traffic). I was a little unnerved by this but in any case told myself I had no proof anything was actually there and even if it was, it wasn't hurting anyone.

A few weeks later, I got into my friend's car, he is a good friend of mine and we were driving into town when to our shock we heard a voice coming from the back seat. My friend is a hardened skeptic, but still admits there was no explanation for the sound. It sounded like an evil chipmunk (that is the closest thing I can link it to) and said a few words, sadly we were not paying attention to begin with and did not catch what was actually said. There were no other cars driving past which could have provided the noise. Then other strange things started happening. A large smudge in the shape of a heart appeared on the inside of the windscreen. This faded over a few days and was gradually replaced by a smudge in the shape of a perfect circle. Then a few days later we stopped to collect a bucket of sand from the refuse of a nearby construction site. The car was stopped and I just loaded the bucket into the back when the rear wipers started going really fast of their own accord. They were not switched on and we couldn't get them to stop for some of the way home. Then the dashboard fuse blew (it had only been installed a week earlier), and one of the back lights blew. A thorough check of the car revealed that nothing was faulty. Sometimes I feel like there is someone sitting in the back seat behind me. Just last night, my friend opened the car door, it swung back as if by force, and he said, "Look, I'm playing catch with something that's not there." Every time he opened it, it swung shut again. It was really odd. Another time I was opening the door slowly when it flew out of my hand and scraped a parked car near us. Today we noticed some odd symbols inscribed into the dust on the rear outer window, but that may be due to a passer by, who knows. The car only ever had two other owners who are both alive and well. I guess it is just a matter of waiting and seeing what happens next. As for the house, a locked door opened itself one afternoon, but other than that things are pretty normal. The car only stared playing up once we moved here.

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